About Lillelam

Lillelam is a Norwegian brand, established in 2004 by two newly become mothers who could not find high quality, warm and soft wool clothes for their babies.

Children’s clothes in pure and soft merino wool with functionable and nice design that did not itch, was unobtainable in the market at the time. The two mothers took the matter in their own hands and decided to create a brand that could fill all their needs, in the absolute highest quality and with the strongest sustainable- and ethical principles throughout the business. The quality of our garments is so soft and pure that we even produce next-to-skin garments for premature born babies, which acts as a safe “second skin” before they have fully developed their own fragile skin. Users with skin diseases also get positive benefits by using our quality.


Easy care wool garments for busy parents

The pure and natural wool material is based on the most updated, technological development that makes the clothing non itchy on the skin and does not shrink in the washing machine (when using a wool program). Lillelam guarantees the highest quality of merino wool, making the clothes soft and durable. Avoiding all chemical treatments or synthetic blends, our wool maintains its natural properties, and among others its content of lanolin (grease) which gives the garment a degree of self-cleansing and low combustibility.

Our vision

Our production is placed at carefully chosen manufacturers with an advanced degree of technology and know-how, and a high level of quality. In addition, we only select partners who share our sustainability- and ethical values. Lillelam’s focus is always on quality both in production as well as in the organization.

It is in our Norwegian culture and tradition over millennials to use wool due to our climate, and we are proud to be the market leader in this field. Our goal is to keep children warm and comfortable with wool garments made with love and care and produced in a proper sustainable and ethical manner.

Feel safe with the wool garments from Lillelam

  • Pure, soft and itch-free merino wool of the highest quality in the market
  • Self-cleansing – you can air the garment and wash it less than other materials
  • Dermatologically tested – can be used by people with eczema
  • Can prevent allergies/eczema
  • Can improve sleep quality
  • Regulates body temperature both in warm and cold weathers
  • Strong durability and flexible solutions for growth of the user
  • Environment friendly and totally degradable material
  • Low combustibility (cotton burns at 255°C, whilst wool burns at 600°C)
  • Natural protection of UV-rays.
  • Machine washable at 40°C on wool cycle

Lillelam sells children’s garments in 100% merino wool through our web-shop; www.lillelam.com with international shipping, and www.lillelam.no for shipping to Norway.
We also have our own concept store in Oslo, and we also sell through our many retailers all over Norway.