The benefits of wool

-natures finest fibre

Merino wool is a unique natural fibre which comes from the Merino sheep. Since the Stone Age, wool has been appreciated as one of the most effective forms of all-weather protection known to mankind, and science is yet to produce a fibre which matches its unique properties. Wool breathes, isolates, keeps off moisture, and it is temperature regulating and self-cleaning. No wonder wool is called, the high-tech of nature. Lillelam only uses Merino wool of the highest quality, known for its incredible softness and its non-itch quality, so it’s ideal even for babies’ sensitive skin.


Merino wool

The quality of wool is measured in micron, or micrometre. A micron is the measurement used to express the diameter of wool fibre. Fine wool fibers have low micron value. Fibre diameter is the most important characteristic of wool in determining its value.

All of Lillelams collections are made of the highest quality of Merino wool obtainable in the market, with the lowest micron; 17,5-18,5 micron which gives the highest softness, strength and lowest possible pilling.

The unique qualities of wool

A wool fibre is basically transparent, but the masses of fibres gives colour – just like snow crystals. The fibre is a «carrier» of air-pockets which gives a thermo effect for the skin; in warm temperatures it gives a buffer so that the garment – and thereafter the skin – does not get heated. Simultaneously, moisture such as sweat or damp, will be collected in the air pockets and transferred through the fibre and out into the air. The fibre can collect about 40% moisture, which is very important when children get wet and the temperature outside is low. At low temperatures the air pockets protect the body’s natural warm temperature and will also protect you against the external cold.

  • Flame resistant. In strong contrast to synthetic- or plant/cellulose based fibres such as cotton, bamboo and linen, wool naturallly contains nitrogen and moisture, which gives the fibre low inflammability. (Cotton burns at 225 °C, whereas wool reacts only at over 600 °C).
  • Pure, soft and itch-free. Lillelam uses the highest quality of merino wool commercially available in the marked, measuring down to 17,5 micron, and we can therefore guarantee that the products will not itch or irritate the skin. Our quality is so soft and pure that we even produce next-to-skin garments for premature babies.
  • Self cleansing. Through a microclimate between the wool garment and the skin, the air pockets in the wool fibre will actively transfer odour and impurities from the skin into the air. From an environmental aspect, this is highly valuable as it is often enough to hang the garment for airing instead of washing it.
  • Dermatologically tested. Merino wool is dermatologically tested with the best results for a balanced skin. Wool breathes and is bacteriostatic. It has a layer of natural grease, called Lanolin, which prevents the skin from drying out. Lanolin is commonly used in the cosmetic industry as a moisturiser
  • Regulates the body temperature. The wool fibre’s natural air pockets transport moist away from the body and into the air, simultaneously it also has a thermo effect and will actively contribute to keep a stable body temperature. This is especially important for babies and children. Merino wool breathes and regulates the body temperature in a natural way after the child’s movements and level of activity.
  • Strongly resistant and long lasting. A good merino wool garment can last throughout life. The wool fibres consist of proteins and are naturally flexible, so it withstands endless bending back and forth without breaking and still returning to its original shape.
  • Sustainable and fully degradable. Wool is a natural product which in its purity – and with correct and gentle treatment processes – is the highest-ranking sustainable fibre in the clothing industry for the environment, especially for its long lifespan.
  • UV resistant. Wool absorbs UV rays and protects the skin.
  • Machine washable. All Lillelam products can be washed in the machine on wool cycle 40°C (if the machine does not have a wool setting it should be washed on cold wash cycle for delicate garments). We recommend washing with a half full load, so that the surface of the wool is not exposed to too much friction, and with clothes of similar colours. Always use detergent especially for wool, as regular washing detergent contains enzymes that breaks down proteins (bacteria) in other types of fibres, whereas wool is a natural protein fibre, it will then cause damage. It is recommended that garments are flat dried after washing

Superwash treated wool

Lillelam uses superwash treated wool to prevent undesired pilling and shrinkage, as well as to make the garment machine washable. The yarn used by Lillelam is a Total Easy Care treated yarn, which is a resin based process and does not cover the wool fiber in plastic. Our super-wash treatment is Oeko-tex certified ( with the strictest class 1 in regards of chemical treatments which guarantees no harmful substances for the skin or the health of the carrier in general. There is no use of plastic in our super-wash treatment.


Feel safe with the Merino wool Lillelam

Lillelam has a strong focus on quality and the environment, both throughout the organisation as well as in all levels of productions. It is important for us that the qualities of the wool are taken care of in the best way possible, through all processes from our suppliers all the way to the end user. We use 100% Merino wool Extra Fine. It is the finest, most exclusive and most suitable quality of merino wool for children’s clothing, with the highest level of softness and strength. Pure, new wool such as exclusively used by Lillelam, guarantees that the wool garment does not contain any impurities or pollutant elements.

Lillelam is concerned about the pure and clean process in our production and for the final product, but also for the degradable process of the products after use. We always seek to keep the lowest carbon footsteps footprints as possible. We follow research and innovation closely on all levels and areas of the business concerning our products and implement consecutively updated and sustainable developments where we can.

We use superwash treated wool because it is important to us and our customers that the wool is machine washable. Our merino wool is treated with the outmost precautions for both the fibre and the environment and undergoes the strictest testing at The Woolmark Company and Oeko-tex to guarantee that the wool is 100% safe even for the most delicate baby skin. Our superwash treated wool still holds all the valuable properties of wool, such as temperature regulating the skin, moist transportation from the skin, self-cleansing, UW-protective and not the least; soft and comfortable feel towards the skin. There is no plastic in our products.

A beautiful and funny short film produced by The Woolmark Company, underlines the timelessness and versatility of wool.