Our values and certifications

Our primary focus in the company as well as at the manufacturing sites, is quality and sustainability. All our manufacturing follows NICE’s principles as rules of conduct in related to human rights and labor conditions, as well as environmental friendly production.

Quality stamps, licenses and certifications

Lillelam has been selected as one of only two companies globally to be official brand partner for The Woolmark Company in their latest program and license focusing on high quality wool products for children; Woolmark Nurture.

All collections and products are Oeko-tex standard 100 class 1 certified as part of the company’s environmental profile. Merino wool is the natural raw material that has the industry’s highest environmental score for processing and production. All our manufacturing is done by carefully selected high-end partners, following NICE’s codes of conduct in relation to human rights and labor conditions.

The yarn used by Lillelam is a Total Easy Care treated yarn, which is a resin based process and does not cover the wool fiber in plastic. Our highly regulated Oeko-Tex Standard 100,Class 1 license regulates the all the processes of our yarn in regards of the use of harmful substances.

The design is a substantial element in all our collections and emphasizes nostalgic elements from the local knitting traditions blended into a more modern expression. The lines are timeless and classical, with focus on the child`s movement, growth and comfort with advanced technological solutions such as seamless knitwear. The colors are carefully selected with our Italian yarn suppliers and are exclusive made for Lillelam. Many of our styles have hand-made details such as embroidery or crocheting which distinguish our collections from the mass production brands.

All the collections are designed by our in-house design team, led by the founder and owner; Pernille Siem

We only have one planet; our planet gives us everything we need, and so much more, of its pure and natural resources. We in Lillelam constantly strive to find solutions that makes the least possible impact on the environment. All decisions we make, throughout the value chain, are carefully reviewed according to our sustainable and ethical values. We are a slow fashion brand at every level and hope to be a part of your sustainable choices.

Oeko-Tex is an independent, global testing- and certification system for textile products along the textile value chain. The certification guaranties that the actual products are free from harmful substances both when it comes to skin and the environment. There are several levels of licenses. “Standard 100, Class I” has the strictest criteria and is used for the baby and child segment. Our Oeko-Tex Standard 100 class 1 license No 16-228, offers substantial added value, which makes Lillelam a preferable brand, and the textile chain safer and more controlled. www.oeko-tex.com

The Woolmark Company is a non-profit organization that award licenses globally to sheep farmers, yarn suppliers and branded products, which guarantees the content and quality of the premium wool classification.

In addition to being one of the world’s best-known trademarks, the Woolmark Company is involved in technical innovation, research and development of wool, and is connected to the entire wool industry all over the world.

Lillelam is using the highest quality and best suited merino wool in all our collections and can display a Woolmark license for every subcontractor and a registration for every final product; No 0030000076

NICE (Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical) is a joint commitment from the Nordic fashion industry to take a lead on social and environmental issues. The NICE Code of Conduct are developed in close consultation with industry representatives and other relevant stakeholders. The NICE Code of Conduct provides guidelines for continuous improvement toward ethical, responsible and sustainable textiles and fashion—in relation to the challenges and dilemmas specific to the industry. As a member of NICE, Lillelam requires that all partners follow and facilitate the standards of NICE Cod.
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Mulesing is a method that involves the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the buttocks of a sheep during shearing. This is done to prevent a fly strike, which are parasites that might poison the animal. It is a traditional method, but research is being done to come up with new and better methods. Until then, it is possible to buy yarn from exclusive suppliers that offer a guarantee that Mulesing has not been used. With focus on the welfare of animals and the safety of the consumers, Lillelam will only use yarn from Mulesing free sheep farms.