Bedding for adults in 100% Merino wool


To us, Merino wool is nature’s finest fiber. Wool has been used to sleep in since the beginning of time – before cotton, synthetic fibres and before the washing machine. We have learned from history and given the natural fiber a renewed suit. Good sleep means a lot. Soft Merino bedding contributes to a good sleeping environment. Research shows that Merino provides a more cohesive sleep pattern and a deeper sleep.

Feel safe with our merino wool

Wool is naturally flame resistant and offers a greater level of fire safety than other fibres like cotton, linen, bamboo or synthetic fibers that are commonly used in the bedroom. Cotton burns at 225 °C, whereas wool reacts only at over 600 °C. In addition, wool does not melt, drip or stick to the skin when it burns. This also means that wool produces less smoke and toxic gas than synthetic fibres.

Easy to keep nice

Our bed linen can be machine washed on a 40 ° C wool cycle. But Merino has natural self-cleansing properties. Regular airing rather than frequent washing also saves the environment. Merino is both soft and durable. With easy maintenance, you have a lovely bedding set for almost an eternity.

Our bedding sets consists of a duvet cover and a pillow cover (50×70 cm). The duvet cover comes in two sizes; 140 x 200 cm and 140 x 220 cm.

We wish you a good night in natures finest fiber.