Pillow case 100% Merino 50 x 70 cm


Like sleeping on a cloud….

Good rest means a lot to us. Bedding in the softest Merino contributes to a good sleeping environment. Research shows that Merino provides a better coherent sleep pattern and a deeper sleep. Merino wool is a natural fiber with completely unique properties that cotton and synthetic materials cannot match. This applies to both product properties, health and environmental aspects.

Incredibly soft against the skin
Regulates the body temperature
Transports moisture
Natural flame retardant
Soft and itch-free

Can be machine washed on a 40 ° C wool program, but Merino has self-cleaning properties and prefers to be aired out, rather than frequent washing - it also saves the environment. Merino is both soft and durable, and if you take good care of the bedding, it will take care of you for a lifetime.

We wish you a good night in nature's finest fiber.

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